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Preseason training for Afghanistan's Women's National Soccer Team

All coaches know that players that are prepared for preseason prior to arrival are better equipped for training loads. For that reason, fitness coaches often provide fitness programs for players to complete on their own during the off season.

Of course, no plan is worth anything if not completed so there needs to be understanding between coaches and players that compliance is important.

With the Afghanistan's Women's National Team, we are in the unique situation where players are spread all over the world (literally) and are either currently playing or are between season with their club teams. We have training camps set in the US and Hong Kong in late August and early September. We need our players to report to camp fit so we can focus on soccer and not on building adequate fitness.

Attached is the plan provided for the players. We have sporadic testing of 1 mile time to assess maximal aerobic speed. All communication is completed via email, WhatsApp and First Touch. The Fit For 90 group has generously donated use of their monitoring system, which the coaching staff uses to assess progress. The plan is for July - another plan will be distributed in August.

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